All For Nature & Nature For All- Campaign

Nature doesn’t discriminate, Neither should we. Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries show us that we can go to the depth of the oceans, the plains of the Savannah, to the isolation and cold of the Antarctica. However, for two- thirds of disabled people the armchair is as close to the natural world as they will get. As a result of the general lack of information  on accessibility, many disabled people are deciding against visiting tourists attractions.  According to, The British Tourism Survey 2013, The Great British Day Visits Survey and The Disability Holiday Directory 

A wheelchair

As someone who really passionate about the natural world and who happens to have a mild physical disability myself. I could empathise with other disabled people who are experiencing barriers at their local nature reserves, which has meant they could not fully enjoy the natural surrounding around them. I was shocked about how little this issue of nature reserves accessibility was being discussed about on a national level and in 2016, I decided that I had to do something about this.

So I set up a campaign in  called:

All For Nature & Nature For All

Which has three main aims:


By conducting access audits on nature reserves and consulting with local disability groups  and  disabled members’ wildlife of conservation organisations and charities  about possible improvements.

Photograph:  Shows a wheelchair user a flat path going through the woodland (from Pixabay)


Educating and informing staff working within the wildlife conservation sector about the ways in which they can make their nature reserves more accessible. By producing reports after conducting access audit with suggestions on how organisations can go forward.


To go and speak to local disability groups, schools, colleges and residential homes, spreading awareness about how nature can be accessible for all. By running mini workshops/talks and informing people about the local accessible nature reserves and volunteering conservation project they can get involved with.